Simulation and Artificial Intelligence

Topics: Artificial intelligence, Simulation, Computer simulation Pages: 23 (7183 words) Published: July 17, 2010
Innovation in Simulation & Artificial Intelligence
Virtual Reality

Reality has become Science Fiction because the reality most people agree upon to live in isn’t the entire picture of what’s going on.


Institute of Business Administration

Table of Contents

Science of Intelligent Systems:6
Results of Engineered Mind:6
Limitations of Man:7
Grand Challenges in Science and Technology7
Modern Era Of Computer Technologies:8
Innovation Starts from Computer Aided Design:8
History of Computer Aided Design:8
CAD Applications:9
CAD Impact on the Market:9
Computer Simulation:10
Classification and Terminology11
Computer Simulation in Computer Science:11
Robotics Simulators:11
Simulation in Education and Training:12
Simulation in entertainment12
Simulation and Manufacturing13
Digital Lifecycle Simulation14
Engineering, Technology or Process Simulation14
Finance simulation14
Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence15
Virtual Reality15
Introduction to Virtual Reality:15
History of Virtual Reality:15
Gadgets of Virtual Reality:15
Artificial Intelligence16
Introduction to AI:16
Recognition of AI:17
The Origin of AI:17
Importance of AI in the Modern Era:18
Application Areas of AI:18
Can Computers talk?19
Can we Build Artificial People?19
Approches Of Artificial Intelligence20
Human Centered Approach:20
Acting humanly: The Turing Test approach20
Thinking humanly: The cognitive modeling approach21
Thinking rationally: The laws of thought approach22
Acting rationally: The rational agent approach22
The State of the Art AI Innovations23
AI Purposes24


In the name of Allah the most merciful and beneficent. We are thankful to Allah who has gifted us with such a great, nice and disciplined teacher “Sir Ahmer Zeeshan”. This is because he has provided us with such a great opportunity to work out our in the practical field. Especially this assignment has allowed us to find the latest working on Computer world via simulated technology, during our preparation of this assignment we come to know latest innovative artificial technology which is the future of this world. Thanks to all those who have helped us in making this assignment specially our teacher.

Executive Summary

Simulation and AI establishes the cultural background against which it has developed. Different people think of AI differently. Important questions to ask are: Thinking or behavior? Do you want to model humans, or work from an ideal standard? Modern Era of computer technology has made human beings aware of a lot of innovative gadgets. Introduction of Computer Aided Design and Virtual Reality bring a new sense of change into this world reality. Engineered mind can be the most productive for the people related to Innovative new ideas. History of Simulated and Artificial intelligence world leads us to the very beginning of these innovative ideas. Many new innovators many new innovations many new techniques of communication with computer technology infect bring a sense of feeling into computers. Psychologists strengthened the idea that humans and other animals can be considered information processing machines. Linguists showed that language use fits into this model. Computer engineering provided the artifact that makes AI applications possible. AI programs tend to be large, and they could not work without the great advances in speed and memory that the computer industry has provided. The history of AI has had cycles of success, misplaced optimism, and resulting cutbacks in enthusiasm and funding. There have also been cycles of introducing new creative approaches and systematically refining the best ones. Recent progress in understanding the theoretical basis for intelligence has gone hand in hand with improvements in the capabilities of real systems.

Science of Intelligent Systems:
Reality has...
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