Simulated Learning

Topics: Education, Virtual learning environment, Learning Pages: 4 (783 words) Published: April 24, 2015
Kinsey Sigman
Dr. Burgess
INFT 101
4 December 2014
“Simulated learners will become an increasingly important part of the design and deployment of advanced learning environments. Pedagogical agents will continue to be an important tool for expanding the sophistication of learning environments with new and interesting uses, and evermore realism in their interactions.” In McCalla’s and Champaign’s “Stimulated Learners,” the potential outcomes of a successful learning career are discussed. Simulated learning contributes to successful characteristics of online students because it establishes a variety of techniques for learning opportunities for online students while providing research for more ways to help further simulated learning.

What is stimulated learning? Department of Health Western Australia explains, “Simulation learning is the process where trainees practice a procedure or routine in a simulated learning environment (SLE) before treating actual patients. These environments use different scenarios and equipment, and so vary in realism” (“What Is Simulation Learning?”). McCalla and Champaign explore the three primary roles of stimulated learners which are to provide an environment in which human teachers can practice, to embed simulated learners as part of the learning environment, and to provide an environment for exploring and testing learning system design issues (Mcalla and Champaign). There are different examples of stimulated learning systems such as pedagogical agents, which include AutoTutor, Learning Companion, and Disturbing Agents. These examples and more are successful in benefitting online learning. “Building simulated learners for more open learning environments, with consequently reduced control of learners and less predictability in their behavior, will prove a challenge. Nevertheless, research in educational data mining and learning analytics is increasingly providing methods that allow the discovery of patterns of behavior...

Cited: McCalla, Gord, and John Champaigne. "Stimulated Learning." (2013): 67-71. Web. 17 Nov. 2014.
"What Is Simulation Learning?" – Clinical Simulation Support Unit – Department of Health Western Australia. Web. 23 Nov. 2014. .
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