Simple Pendulum

Topics: Pendulum, Simple harmonic motion, Classical mechanics Pages: 2 (342 words) Published: December 28, 2012
Group # 7Section: 2GPh Date Performed: 12/10/12
Date Submitted: 12/17/12

Members: Salcedo, Jan Michael Sandimas, Gabriel Jerome
*Samar, Bea Marie Semillano, Charisse
San Juan, Maria Ysabel Sta. Ana, Mariel

The Simple Pendulum

A simple pendulum is one which can be considered to be a point mass suspended from a string or rod of negligible mass and allowing it to sway back and forth in a place. The objective of this experiment is to observe the motion of a simple pendulum, study simple harmonic motion, determine some factors that affect the period of a pendulum, and measure the value of acceleration due to gravity by use of a simple pendulum. The materials used were inelastic yarn, meter stick, timer, protractor and pre-measured metal bobs of different masses.

Question and Problems
1. Using MS Excel, Graph and display Table 3. Length vs. Square of Time. What relationship exists between the length of the pendulum and the square of its period?

As seen in the graph, as the length of the pendulum decreases, the square of its period decreases as well. This shows a direct relationship between the two variables.

2. What are the factors affecting the period of a simple pendulum? The factors that affect the period of a simple pendulum are the length of the simple pendulum and as well as the gravity. The mass of the metal bobs and the amplitude of the pendulum have little or no effect on the period. 3. What must you do to the length of a simple pendulum so that its period is doubled? Since the length of the simple pendulum and the period have a direct relationship, doubling the length of the simple pendulum will also double the period. 4. Determine the acceleration due to gravity in a location where a simple pendulum is 150.0 cm long makes 100 vibrations in 246 s. T=2π L


g= 4 π2 L

g =4 π2 (1.5m)...
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