Simple Guidelines for Writing Test

Topics: Logic, Philosophy of language, Hasty generalization Pages: 2 (285 words) Published: November 20, 2014
Test 2 Study Guide - Fall 2014

Know the information from class notes and readings below. Don’t just memorize definitions, but be able to apply the concepts. Be able to answer situational multiple-choice questions for the information on the following:


• Plagiarism
• Citing Sources /Using Sources in Your Speech
• Tips for Effective Use of PowerPoint
• Creating Cadence
• Persuasive Presentations and Monroe’s Motivated Sequence
• Motivating Listeners to Respond

• Know what it means to evaluate an argument by logic and truth.
• Know the four-step process (including the three types of warrants from the Toulmin's model and three types of STAR strategies).

Readings: Chapters 8, 10-12, 14-17 (Don't worry about chapter 18)

Know the section "How Can You Help Your Audience Listen More Effectively." Be able to list steps and understand the major concepts.
Know the difference between attitudes, beliefs, values, and behaviors.
Know the four different appeals from Aristotle.
Know the types of arguments (deduction, induction, analogies, cause and authority). Don't neglect this one.
Know the different faulty arguments. Focus on hasty generalization, faulty use of authority, slippery slope, ad ignorantiam, ad hominem, non-sequitir, ad populum. There are 5 questions on these so don’t neglect this.

Know the difference between a claim of fact, value, and policy.
Know the difference between connotative and denotative meaning.
Be able to define malapropism, euphemisms, cliché, jargon.
Know what passivity syndrome is and what active listening is.
Know the process of listening and types of listening.
Know the types of informative speeches and the types of special occasion speeches.
Know the difference between the primacy model and the recency model. Know when to use each.
Know the elements of...
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