Simple Gift Speech

Topics: Happiness, Mark Waters, Mean Girls Pages: 3 (867 words) Published: August 7, 2009
Belonging Speech kento ami

When I was trying to find an idea for belonging, I heard people talking about the search for belonging and finding a true sense of belonging being the most important thing, but I feel that you might as well conform in society then be enlightened and go through sadness and alienation. My texts Steven Herrick, The Simple Gift, Jeannie Bakers Window and Mark Waters mean Girls.

Steven Herrick’s The Simple Gift is a verse novel that looks at belonging to family and the community. Billy the 16 year old boy leaves his home and says goodbye to his family aiming to look for some place better, for belonging and happiness. The way his father treated him caused this. Billy was abused and this was something he could not cope any more, so he left “by the time the old bastard wakes up I’ll be gone”.

Billy Creates a new life where he goes with the flow he doesn’t try to belong to the mainstream society. He does not choose ignorance because he is smart but he seeks happiness. Old Bill is a hobo who has had many experiences and he realises that not having a home and a community shows how important family and friends are.

Caitlin the girl that Billy falls in love with, has always grown up in Bendaret coming from a wealthy family “he buys me anything I want”. She has grown up in this community and has lived life without any problems but she chooses to work at Macdonald’s due to her sense of integrity, independence and responsibility. She wants to feel like she’s achieved something.

The Book shows that simple things in life matter the most, like friendship and community. All three characters overcome things in in life In different ways such as difficulties with getting along with parents, law, loneliness and other problems which life forces us to face sometimes. The author shows this when it says ”I’ll miss you dog, I’m not proud”. This more formal and less rhyming quote shows the sadness that comes from having to go away from your...
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