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Perak Trial Paper: Guided Writing Sample
A Report on the English Camp 2012
Last week during the school holidays, the English Language Society of SMK Taman Desa organized an English Camp. The camp’s objective was to inculcate the use of English amongst the school students in a more fun and exciting environment. The camp was held during the weekend and it was rather special as the students did not stay overnight. Activities were held from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. from Friday to Sunday. The attendance for the camp was quite large as many students were encouraged to join the camp. According to our teacher adviser and her team of seniors, there were sixty of us all from different classes of Form Three. The first activity that was held was the Talent Show. The students were divided into ten groups and a leader was elected from each team. The leader was then asked to draw a lot from a fish bowl. The strip of paper was the category of performance we had to do. Teams either had to sing, dance or put on a fashion show. The students were then given until after lunch to work on their performances. Immediately after a quick lunch, the students gathered at the main hall to start the Talent Show. It was quite a fun activity as the students got to sing in English or they danced to English songs. There were also two groups that had to put on fashion shows. One group dressed up their members in traditional costumes while the other group did an Eco-friendly themed fashion show where they dressed up in recyclable items. The group that won was the latter as they had made a beautiful evening gown out of black garbage bags. It even had plastic bag roses attached to the dress. Everyone was transfixed with the creation. When the teachers announced the winner, everyone clapped happily as they thought it was a good effort by team Go Green. The next day we had language games. The teams played a lot of these games and they worked very hard together to try to win. There was Scramble, Word Hunt, Scrabble and Bingo. The games improved everyone’s vocabulary considerably. Most participants found the Bingo activity the most enjoyable. Everyone was all smiles and the best part was we were all speaking in English now to each other! It was really something to behold. After the language games were over and done with, we were given the task of producing a sketch or a drama presentation on the last day of camp. We were told that we had to work together as a team. A few of us decided to share out the work fairly. Some of us wrote the scripts and others prepared props. We were then given some time from 1.00 p.m to 4.00 p.m. to rehearse our drama presentation. The members all acted with precision and grace and they knew that by doing a good job, it would build confidence in everyone. When we finished on the second day, we were all tired but contented. On Sunday, which was the last day of camp; our organisers put us through our paces with a Treasure Hunt. The clues were very difficult to solve as it required students to have general knowledge and a knack for understanding riddles. All the ten teams looked for clues around the school compound. We all studied maps and tried to navigate as best as we could based on the clues and riddles. It was a very challenging activity and we had great fun conversing in English. After a quick lunch, the teams were given one more hour to practice their drama. The teams gave spirited performances and at the end of the camp, our principal came by to give away prizes to the winners of all the activities. The students were also given a t-shirt each and a certificate of participation. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and activity packed event. The English Camp was a success and we hoped that there would be more camps of this nature in the future. We knew we had achieved the objective of the camp especially when all the campers went home with broad smiles on their faces.

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