Simon Bolivar

Topics: Simón Bolívar, Colombia, Venezuela Pages: 4 (1512 words) Published: May 8, 2012
Simon Bolivar

After colonization, Latin America had a difficult time uniting. Under Spanish rule, the people in the New World were in an identity crisis trying to become free from rule and developing a new identity. Simón Bolívar, “caudillo de emancipación”, liberator of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú and Venezuela remains an important figure in the history of Latin America. He has also known as the “George Washington of South America”. One of the greatest goals of Simon Bolivar was to see a “Gran Colombia”, for all colonies to join together and become one. In trying to figure out who the Great Liberator Simon Bolivar truly was, we were given three types of mediums to decipher who he was and what he stood for. The flawed yet distinctive character has now become a symbolic figure for Latin America. The movie produced by Triana Bolivar Soy Yo gives us a well-spoken and down to earth individual. The book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, The General and his Labyrinth shows us his last seven months of life at the same time reflections and memories of his life. The letters, which seem more like speeches, were very powerful, they showed a man trying to unify while supporting his people. There are several differences and similarities between all three. The common thread being that in all three was unity as he stated in Garcia’s book, “there is no other alternative, either unity or anarchy”.

Simón José Antonio de la Santísima Trinidad better known as Simon Bolivar grew up fairly wealthy. He was educated in Europe and very well travelled. Bolivar’s life was tragic losing his dad at two, his mother at 9 and his wife soon after being married. He seems to gain strength or determination through the rough times. His innate passion comes through here and in his future as he vows to never marry again after losing his wife. The fact that he was educated in Europe and by intellectuals does give him an upper hand as a leader, but there are some qualities that cannot be...
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