Similes, Metaphors and Anecdotes

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Similes, Metaphors & Anecdotes

In their spoken language all three chefs use a variety of similes metaphors and anecdotes to describe the food that hey are cooking. The way that they describe the food reinforces their purpose, which is to entice the audience with their cooking.

Jamie Oliver uses the simile: “Like a brand that’s just come out of nowhere.” Jamie compares his dishes to something that is popular, so that the audience can relate to, Jamie uses a simile so the audience are able to identify with this references to culture, and also makes him appear “cool.” Jamie creates a positive tone, which engages the audience.

Further more, Gordon Ramsey also uses a simile to help the audience relate to what he’s doing: “Something you’d expect at the hair dressers.” He makes a comparison that the audience can understand, he does this by describing the texture of the food, which entices the audience, and helps audience know what the meal looks like : “Like eating a potato salad.” Gordon describes the food he’s making by describing a familiar meal to reassure the audience.

In contrast to Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey, Nigella Lawson frequently uses similes and anecdotes. She describes the base of her cheesecake as: “Soft sandy rubble.” Nigella uses soft sounding words, which creates a soft and soothing welcoming effect. She also uses other comparison when she comments on the ease it takes to create this dish. She maintains making the cheesecake is “Like building sound castles.” Nigella reminds the audience of her childhood, which links to the idea of “nostalgia” this then demonstrates that the meal is easy to make, which enables the audience to feel more confident when making it. Unlike the two male chefs, Nigella uses numerous anecdotes throughout her recipe. For instance, she talks about/reminisces about the cheese cake reminds her of a “new born baby.” She uses a simile to demonstrate a time of innocence and goodness. Nigella...
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