Similarities of Prometheus and Frankenstein

Topics: Prometheus, Frankenstein, Paradise Lost Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Garrett Manion
When you read Frankenstein, have you notices the title, “The Modern Prometheus”? Probably not, but it is a great comparison. Why? Frankenstein and Prometheus are very similar, they both gave life to the world and both brought punishment to it also. I will tell you about their contributions, their punishments, and the result of their efforts.

First, I will tell you about their contributions. Victor Frankenstein gave life to a horrid monster, he gathered human parts and then put them together into a humanoid figure which he then brought to life. Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to the humans, because the humans were in a terrible state. Victor and Prometheus both tried to help the human world, but Prometheus succeeded in helping the humans where Victor did the opposite. Which brings me to punishment.

Secondly, there are Frankenstein’s and Prometheus’ punishments. They both tried to help the world, and whether they succeeded or failed, they got punished. Victor Frankenstein’s creation punished him, for, what he had tried to make to help others, ruined himself, his creation killed his family and friends and ruined his life until Frankenstein died in the pursuit of his creation. Prometheus was punished by Jupiter because he stole fire from the sun and gave it to humans to improve their lives. Jupiter chained Prometheus to a tall mountain in the Caucasus mountains, where eagles ate and clawed him for eternity until he was freed by Hercules.

Lastly, I will tell you of the stories of Victor and Prometheus. Victor was very smart and found a way to artificially start hearts with lightning, like an early defibrillator. He constructed a body out of dead limbs and organs and brought it to life. When it was brought to life, it was horrid, and Victor ran away from it. The creation wanted revenge and killed Victor’s family and friends and ruined his life. Prometheus was a titan who lived with gods of the Roman...
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