Similarities Between United States and Puerto Rico

Topics: United States, Experience, English-language films Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: September 3, 2012
Enid Rivera
August, 21 2012
ENC 1102
Dr. Rowe

Living in another country and living in the United States
My country Puerto Rico is totally different from the United States. Living outside of my country is really interesting and is an unforgettable experience but at the same time it is very important effect positive or negative on one’s life to be far, different from really far from my family. The first thing when we move out of our country is that, I miss the experience of our immediate family, our belongings and memories of detail from the past. Little or big details to me every Sunday when I used to see my parents and shared with them the dinner, sharing ideas, watching TV, exchange ideas ,taking them to medical appointments and enjoy shopping together. It's not an easy thing moving and living in another country, your life as you know it changes. It can be a hard dilemma and was exactly what I had to face. I was obligated to go but it was farther better. Since I came here in November 2006, I consider the most challenging, from Puerto Rico to the United States. In Puerto Rico all classes were in Spanish but also English . I was change Indeed . I had to face, and was something I had trouble with, but I eventually I fought this change until I felt I was at home. All the way from Puerto Rico I have moved where I experienced a very tough experience that gave me an identity of who I really am, where I came from, and all about my family.

The next thing is when we move to an unfamiliar place with no one near you, just my children and me. Where I did not know anyone, where I have to practice the language totally different that I know .But I have to admit that this is the land of opportunity, whether working, growth in your workplace. Where do new friendships with different costum from yours. Knowed different people with different views about religion, dress and behavior. The most significant or unusual is that when you decide to move to...
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