Similarities Between Plants And Plants

Pages: 4 (755 words) Published: October 3, 2017

Plants and animals have a lot of things in common so much in fact i couldn't fit half of them into this essay, there similarities and differences span from the smallest things like cells to huge thing like the whole organism.
One thing that plants and animals both have in common is the fact that they adapt, the main thing isn't that they adapt though it's why they do it. Animals, plants, and humans all share the same
thing they have a will to live in different ways maybe or some might want to live for different reasons maybe at times but we all want to achieve one huge goal which is reproduction and the reason we reproduce is usually more times then not to keep are species going on for generations and so the offspring coming into the world have a...

Animals need plants for reasons like food and air if we didn't have plants we would lose a lot of species  because they would have nothing to eat actually if we lost plants we wouldn't have anything because there wouldn't be air to breath and that also why taking care of earth is so...
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