Similarities Between Mayans And Aztecs
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The mayans and the aztecs are very interesting civilisation, they are very advanced and they have many informations but little information on the origin,they have a lot of similarities and differences,Plus they had a huge impact in now days.The mayans and aztecs religion is very interesting which i will cover in this essay.

The mayans origin and development has little known information about it.The history of Maya civilisation is divided into three principal periods, the first one is Preclassic,Classic and finally Postclassic periods.The Preclassic started from 2000-1000 bc the middle Preclassic started from 1000BC to 250 Ad, then the classic started from 250 AD to AD 950, then finally Postclassic period started Ad 950 to AD 1539. The Early
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The civilization “reached intellectual and artistic heights which no other in the New World, and few in Europe, could match at the time,” Coe writes. “Large populations, a flourishing economy, and widespread trade were typical of the Classic …” In this classic period the mayans started to build pyramids for religion reasons. The Mayans believed in many gods and in After life the Mayan view of the afterlife is journey of the soul in the underworld which was full of sinister gods which they are represented by jaguars,majority of the mayans including rulers went to the underworld heaven was reserved for people who had been sacrificed or died in childbirth. The Mayans have a calendar that shows the 365 days based on the Sun's movement. The mayans worshipped more than 165 gods.The gods were human like they grew up and died. Mayan gods represented form of nature, for example, Sun God, Kinih Ahous, or Maize God, Yum Kaax. The devolpment of the mayan religion is very interesting.The collapse of the mayans was by the spanish they conquered them and forced them to convert to Christianity and burning ancient books.But there are still many mayans in now a days but very little in number. Mayans had …show more content…
They both sacrificed themselves for religion beliefs and both of them built pyramids. Plus the aztecs and mayans killed hundred of thousands to make the gods happy. The mayans and the aztecs had the same calendar which has 365 day and both of them have their own written language.But the Mayans were very advanced they studied space and stars.They were obsessed with time they studied it through astronomy.But aztecs were very obsessed with human sacrifices way more than mayans they were the type of war. Conquered villages scarified many people, The mayans for each state had one leader who has their own rules and different things from the other while the aztecs had one

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