Similarities Between Ancient China And Egypt

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Compare and Contrast Religious Beliefs of Ancient China and Egypt
It is interesting to imagine a time when we did not know. We did not know if the sun would return to warm us after a cold winter, we did not know if the rains would come and saturate the dry earth and fill the rivers. Imagine a time when nature was the only thing outside of our self, we had to survive her and we needed her to survive. It is no wonder that people came to revere nature as she gave sustenance. In reverence for our existence, to make sense of the world, and to keep people in order belief systems/religions were created. Different cultures did so differently, but some qualities overlap. Like other ancient religions, Egypt and China were polytheistic...

Inside the tombs were items needed for the afterlife, daily necessities that were used in life were buried in the tomb for the life after death. In Egypt you went to the afterlife if you have lived a pure life. The soul was weighed at death and afterlife was bestowed upon you if you had lived a pure life. At death it was believed Osiris, the lord of the underworld would measure the deceased heart against the feather of truth. If the heart was heavier than the feather it meant the soul was not pure and the heart was thrown to the floor to be eaten by Amenti. In Egyptian religion there was no access to the afterlife if your soul was heavier than the feather of truth. If the heart passed the test the deceased would go to live the afterlife. The ritual of a successful afterlife was pricey and time consuming as it involved embalming the deceased and depending on your wealth the construction of a tomb full of foods, goods, and other cherished possessions. Both religious practices included sacrificing servants to be buried with their master to tend to them in the afterlife. Unlike beliefs in Egypt, China believed all would go to the...

They were built a shrine and were believed to be able to communicate and have influence with the gods.
As ancient people settled into communities the construction of religion set the backdrop for explaining natural forces, gave rituals to the day, and kept people in order. Our inquisitive nature uncovere
d truths that led to advancements in our civilization like the plough, irrigation, the compass, the calendar year, medicines, and language while still complying to this religious doctrine and giving divinity credit for this progress....
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