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similarities and differences of the New England,Middle, and Southern colonies

By leonthomas111 Sep 22, 2013 354 Words
The New England, Middle, and southern colonies of colonial America were similar because it was socially acceptable for males to go to college and learn about the bible but politically and economically these regions were extremely diverse.In the New England colonies, (Massachusetts ,Connecticut, New Hampshire and Rhode island), they were economically different because they were deeply connected into the triangular trade network that was linked to New England , the Caribbean and the west African coast. The colonist relied on the imports for glass hardware, machinery navigational instruments and other household items like tea. Politically New England was mainly governed by puritans. The Massachusetts Bay company stockholders got together and meet as a body called the General court. This court made laws and governed the company. Many other colonies followed suit and use this concept to run their own colonies.The middle colonies, (New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey), they were economically different because they heavily relied on farms to produce grains and livestock. They also used a lot of indenture servants to carry out the task in hand. Politically they had a local government that was different from the New England colonies because the government did not force settlers to go to church or to pay church taxes as the other colonies. The reason why they were not forced is because most of their time was spent taking care of the farm.The South (Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland) were economically different because they relied on cash crops like Tobacco indigo and rice. These crops needed a lot of caring so they would also import a lot of indenture servants to take care of them. Politically the south had a legislative body called the House of Burgesses. From there they would elect representatives and gave those representatives a county or a small community to care of at a local level.Even though all the regions were different from each other they were all created for the same reason, to financially support the king of England. These different attributes help played a key role in the future and shaping America.

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