Similarities and Differences in the Great Gatsby and Winter Dreams

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Difference, The Great Gatsby Pages: 1 (349 words) Published: May 6, 2005
There are numerous similarities and differences between The Great Gatsby and "Winter Dreams". The key and most significant similarity between the two stories was the importance of class rank during their time period. Both stories emphasized class rank, which became very essential to the plot. Class rank informs how much money you make and how well you show it off to others. In The Great Gatsby, Tom, Daisy, and Gatsby were all very prosperous. Each of them showed off their wealth with the kinds of car they driven, the size and texture of their houses, and the kinds of garments and fashions they wore. And since they are so high up on the social standings due to their possessions and money, people looked up to them wishing they can be and live large like the ways they are living. In "Winter Dreams", class rank was emphasized when Judy said she was extremely disappointed when the man she loved lied to her by pretending to be rich nevertheless rotten poor. Also in one part of the story, she asked Dexter if he was rich and became delighted to hear that he makes plenty of money. One main difference between the two stories is that Gatsby still believes in hopes of having Daisy once again; while on the other hand, Dexter unquestionably knows he can never have Judy in "Winter Dreams". Since now Gatsby became rich the last time he saw Daisy, he undoubtedly believes he can capture her heart. In contrast, Dexter knows that he can never live up to the standards of Judy. Even though he made rather amazing money, Judy never found interest in marrying him but just flirting jokingly with him. In summary, the main theme was the significance of social ranking, which was determined by your wealth. In every relationship within the two stories, there were problems due to how much money someone had. Example is that, rich girls did not want to marry poor boys, even though they loved them. So both stories, The Great Gatsby and "Winter Dreams", stressed the importance of wealth.
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