Similarities and Differences Between the Juvenile Justice and Adult Criminal System

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Juvenile Justice System V. Criminal Justice System

Ronda Cauchon
Professor Abreu
Kaplan University
October 9, 2012

JUVENILE V CRIMINAL 2 Juvenile Justice System V. Criminal Justice System
In the earliest of times, juvenile offenders were treated the same as adult offenders. They were arrested, placed in custody, tried, as well as, imprisoned in the same facilities that housed adult offenders. Punishment was the primary goal when it came to the handling of either of these offenders, now the juvenile system focuses on rehabilitation whereas; the focus in the criminal system remains punishment. In 1899 the first juvenile court was founded in Cook County Illinois (, n.d.), it was at time policies began to change along with the manner in which juvenile offenders were treated in comparison to adult offenders. Both systems continue to provide procedural safeguards to protect the rights of the offender upon admitting guilt. These procedures include; the right to an attorney, the right against self-incrimination, the right to cross exam witnesses, the right to be notified of the charges being brought against them and the prosecutions requirement to prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt, rights to plea bargain and the right to hearings and appeals (Legal match, n.d.). The rights afforded to any offender is an important right and should be in place in any court proceeding. Although juvenile proceedings are not generally viewed as criminal both juvenile and adult offenders are entitled to be represented by court appointed attorneys. In contrast, the person appointed to represent the juvenile offender advocates for what is in the best interest of the juvenile, while the attorney appointed for the adult...

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