Similarities and Differences between Target's Annual Report and Form 10-K

Topics: U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Annual report, Finance Pages: 3 (919 words) Published: October 22, 2011
Target’s annual reports and Form 10-K has similarities and differences because of the information in them and who they convey to. Target’s annual report is meant to attract investors, shareholders, and the general public who are interested in knowing about Target. The Form 10-K, another type of annual report, is required by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Additionally, annual reports have pictures, color, and a simplified language compared to the Form 10-K which is black and white, without pictures, and uses a more professional language. Annual reports also show the company’s activities and achievements. On the other hand, Form 10-Ks display the company’s financial information, history, etc. These two reports have similarities such as information about Target’s financials. Overall, annual reports and Form 10-Ks are different because the strategies used in each document, the intentions, and the audience they target.

Target’s annual reports and Form 10-K are very different but have similarities in verbal and visual strategies. The annual report of Target is very colorful and uses captions to grab the reader’s attention. In addition, it also has many pictures of the merchandise that Target offers to its consumers. The font is larger and easier to read, while the language is more formal and easier to comprehend. On the other hand, Target’s Form 10-K is mostly black and white with little color. The Form 10-K has no pictures and is a lot more direct. The font is smaller and the document is longer than the annual report. Lastly, the language is more complicated to understand and uses more business terminology. Both documents have charts and tables of Target’s financial information. Overall, annual reports are eye catching and colorful while Form 10-K are dull and plain.

The intent of Target’s annual report and Form 10-K are different. The annual report has information about Target’s accomplishments, activities, and why it...
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