Silvio Napoli India

Topics: Otis Elevator Company, Human resource management, Management Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: March 15, 2011
Recruiting the Team
Over the previous couple of months, Egon Zehnder had identified several promising candidates who became the pool from which Napoli recruited for his top positions in the new company. Mehar Karan (“M.K.”) Singh, 42, was tapped for the role of managing director, a position that reported to Napoli but was viewed as a stepping stone to heading the subsidiary. (For profiles of key Indian managers, see Exhibit 3). “At some point in your career you will report to someone younger than yourself,” said Singh. “I decided that Schindler was an exciting opportunity to test this scenario.” Napoli explained the choice of Singh: “Having led construction projects for some of India’s largest hotels, M.K. had firsthand experience in building an organization from scratch. But most of all, he had been on our customers’ side. He would know how to make a difference in service.” In addition, being 10 years older and having grown up in India, Singh brought valuable experience and a different perspective. He was also more sensitive to organizational power and relationships, as Napoli soon recognized: The first question M.K. asked me after joining the company was, “Who are your friends inside the company? Who doesn’t like you?” I never thought about it this way. And I said to him: “Listen, you will have to develop a sense of that yourself. As far as I know, probably people are a little bit cautious of me because they know I used to work for the big bosses at headquarters. But we will have to wait and see.” To head field operations (sales, installation, and maintenance) Napoli hired T.A.K. Matthews, 35, who had worked for nine years at Otis India. Matthews recalled: “I had been approached before by elevator people, but after hearing a bit about Schindler’s plans, I realized that you don’t have a chance to get involved with a start-up every day.” For Napoli, Matthews brought the business expertise he needed:”With M.K. and I as generalists, I absolutely needed someone...
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