Silko Ceremony; Factors that helped Tayo Heal

Topics: White people, Family, World Pages: 3 (1066 words) Published: March 23, 2014
Silko’s story deals with the problems that are faced by many who experience death and destruction of war. Tayo’s struggle to complete his ceremony and find renewal is interwined with his interaction with the medican man Betonie and the mysterious woman Ts’eh. By the end of the story, Silko shows that only through respect for the world can humankind achieve competeness and harmony. Tayo must learn to trust the old stores again and realize the power within himself. I believe the first factor that helped tayo was observing the other veterans and seeing how living through the wrong stories stunts any growth and only leads to constant pain. He starts to understand that those with hope who search for new ways will be the ones that survive and those that live in the past and disregard change will only find evil in the world. Another major factor is he comes to realization that the old stories are guides in navigating life. He understands that the stories are necessary to life and that change is also necessary. Tayo believes he is to blame for all the bad things that had happened during the war when he actually had no control over what happened. Ts’eh was very beneficial to Tayo’s recovery. During his time with Ts’eh he finds love, acceptance, encouragement, and strength. He begins to remember the old ways more clearly, reconnecting with the Tayo who existed before the war. He is continually reminded of the old ways and old times from Ts’eh. He begins to appreciate the old ways and his grandmothers tales. He see’s the meaning in them and begins to incorporate them into his life. When he went to war he lost this vision and the importance of the past. Ts’eh helps him improve his vision towards life and with her guidance and wisdom, Tayo rediscovers himself and realizes that witchery may indeed be overcome. As Tayo learns to accept his place and importance in the world, he also realizes what is not important in the world. He already understands that Ts’eh loves and...
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