Silk Road Dbq

Topics: Civilization, Silk Road, China Pages: 1 (386 words) Published: October 29, 2012
The Silk Road opened many doors for the spreading of ideas, goods and culture. Through the Silk Road many cultures were able to advance through new ideas from their partnered civilizations. These new ideas helped the civilizations of the classical period prosper for long periods of time.

Goods were traded along the Silk Road from all over the world. In doc. 1 it shows that silk spread from China to Rome. In doc. 4 the necklace was made of pearls possibly from India and was traded to China from Persia. In doc 2 it shows the spread of grapes from Rome and rice from China. An additional source that would be useful would be a merchant who traded on the Silk Road. That way we can get a perspective of a primary source. In doc. 1 Cassius Dio a roman historian attended a party at Julius Caesar’s where he saw he had silk curtains.

Cultural ideas spread through the Silk Road and to all civilizations to help fix cultural problems. In docs. 3 and 7 it shows how Buddhism spread through out Asia and along the Silk Road. In doc. 6 it shows that Roman and Greek ideas spread to France and were entangled with Chinese ideas that also spread to France. In doc. 5 it shows that china spread silk to Rome and it was soon adopted as a good of royalty and luxury. A good extra source would be a king telling what ideas have been spread to his kingdom. In doc 3 Faxian a monk traveled along the Silk Road and identified the temples that he saw.

The items traded along the Silk Road were transported great distances and were passed along by many merchants and representatives. In doc. 4 a necklace that was Persian made traveled from Persia all the way to China. Doc. 5 tells us how silk travelled from China to Rome. In doc. 8 it shows Chinese and roman ideas traveled all the way to France. An additional source of use would be a slave that was traded so we could hear how it was to travel on the Silk Road.

The Silk Road was a great innovation for efficient spreading goods and...
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