Silk Bank Report
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Internship Report



(Silk Bank Ltd, Pakistan)

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Silk Bank Ltd, Lahore

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Date of Submission: Jan 15, 2013


(Dept, of Business Administration)


Silk Bank maintains its position as Pakistan's Premier Bank determined to set higher standards of achievements. It is the major business partner for the Government of Pakistan with special emphasis on fostering Pakistan's economic growth through aggressive and balanced lending policies, technologically oriented products and services offered through its large network of branches locally, internationally and representative offices. Banks new identity Silk bank – is a name with a meaning that endorses our values. The name takes its inspiration from ‘Silk’, a natural element known for its unique properties. Inspiration also comes from the Silk route which has been a corridor for trade and commerce between Asia and the rest of the world for centuries.

My internship report contains my experience in Silk Bank. In Silk Bank with the help of the cooperative staff, I learned some rules of banking, accounts information, different services, etc. I mentioned in this report all the things I learned during my internship, especially which about banking system, VDC training, account information and many other services which bank is providing to its valued customers. The detail of my internship experience is mentioned below.


First of all I would like to acknowledge my report to ALLAH (Subhan-nah-Watallah) that he blessed me with strength and knowledge to complete this report, after that my parents for their financial and moral support and my teachers who make me able to present this report.

I also would like to express my gratitude to SILK BANK, and all those who gave me the possibility to complete my internship. At the outset, I feel obliged to express my profound

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