Silk Air Case

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This is an example of one possible Organisational structure for SilkAir on handling all problems.


Front Cover and Back Cover are likened with a book which needs something to introduce the book and something to close the book at the end so that the Happy Ending can be seen. Front Line is likened with a war which needs a good strategy to really win the war. Backstage is likened with a stage which has people who settle things up, do the make-up, paint and many others which really a role that is not seen but vital.

Management Team

Management Team consists of CEOs, Senior Managers, and General Managers. This team has subsidiaries of Airport Team, In-flight Attendants, and Finance Officer. Within this triangle, this is the core team of SilkAir. Management Team will provide with vision, mission, and core values and then communicate them with the subsidiaries. Every subsidiary will report back to the Management Team.

Finance Officer

The Finance Officer here must be a reliable and honest person, because he/she will handle all the revenues and expenses. If the correct person has been chosen, payment to suppliers will be easily controlled and very transparent. Front line – Finance Officer’s subsidiaries – is here for managing the bookings. The person will need to have good skills on doing things using computer and also easily adapt to SilkAir booking system. The person is very vital to the organisation as he/she handles the revenue for SilkAir. The Front line people will also hand-in-hand with Front Cover who will handle the check-ins. The approval booking code is one of the methods. This Front Line will need to always report back to Finance Officer.

Airport Team

Airport Team is a team that is located to serve customers for the check-in and sending...
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