Silent Springs

Topics: Pesticide, Environmentalism, Environmental movement Pages: 3 (979 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Micaela Quiroga
Silent Spring Rough Draft
Ms. Evans, AP Lang, pd. 3
September 2012

In America today, many people do not realize the impact they have on the environment. We come from a more educated generation, yes, but many people do not realize, that even just recycling can led to less deforestation, and ensuring that the environment of many animals is still there and safe. Much like how deforestation can negatively affect animals, it negatively affects us, less trees means less oxygen, and less oxygen, less to breathe, causing more. In Silent Spring, by Rachel Carson, she attempts to enlighten the reader on how the use of pesticides has an overall negative effect on the environment, animals and humans. Carson draws this conclusion based on her belief that humanity is ignorant, and that we are under the false impression that we are in some way superior. Following this she also suggests that we, as humans, are victimizing nature, and attempting to cure it like a disease.

In Silent Spring, Carson addresses her belief that it’s not necessarily human’s incapability of understanding the negative consequences of their actions, but rather the fact that we as humans, are unaware about these consequences and due to this. In the processes ignorance we are not only greatly harming the environment and animals, but also ourselves as well. She suggest that we live under and illusion where we are far more superior to any other species and deserve whatever we view is best for us, regardless of the downfall, were in actuality we are destroying ourselves just as much. It is not only our personal stupidity, and inability to realize that what we are doing is wrong, “the farmers had been persuaded of the merits of killing by poison”, and they were sold under the idea that killing, by poison has advantages and benefits for them advantages. To any rational person, the thought of spreading poison throughout farms seems extremely destructive. Carson believes that “the...
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