Silence! the Court Is in Session

Topics: Sociology, Patriarchy, Judiciary Pages: 2 (431 words) Published: August 27, 2013
She is a young school teacher and through her consciousness the hypocrisy of the male-dominated middle-class society and its brutal hostility against women is exposed. Benare is young, energetic, vivacious rebellious and individualistic and defies established social conventions and dictates. In Silence! The Court is in Session, Tendulkar has depicted the difficulty of a young woman, who is a victim of the male dominated society. Tendulkar has criticized the follies prevailing in the society. It is a powerful satire on the shallow conventions and the shameful hypocrisy of the middleclass male-dominated society and also the deplorable legal system found in contemporary society. By using the techniques of dramatic irony and satire effectively the playwright portrays how a young woman suffers a lot and undergoes deep mental agony when she is betrayed by the other members of the group. The play carries all the vitalities of contemporary life. It focuses on the human mind and detects the ugliness in it. All the plays of Tendulkar are the result of his surveillance of the life, society and different incidents of his own life. Benare wanted to live a free life, free from the patriarchal dominance and the conservative norms of the society. She displays self-determination, self -assertiveness and cynicism but is also receptive to the conventional norms of integrity. Tendulkar has tried to initiate the new form by commenting on the mendacity of the social and ethical standards existing in the society. The play grapples with several problems of the Indian society—such as the degradation of the judiciary system, pretentious institutional social service organizations, and forceful male supremacy in Indian society, in a masterful way.

The play is based on a short story by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Die Panne

Mockery of Trials, Judges and Justice

A judicial court is supposed to be a seat of Justice, seriousness and decorum. Through this play, Tendulkar also makes a...
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