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Signs, Symbols, and Artifacts

By Rachielmae Feb 13, 2012 404 Words
III. Signs, Symbols and Artifacts
It refers to the aspects of service operation that have special significance. We conducted a personal observation at the De Rose Food Court and based on our observation, we can say that its social significance is at average level. We cannot say that the restaurant is classic or extravagant and does not show that their business is exclusive for social class persons. The reason is that, their employees, staffs, as well as the waiters are not wearing exquisite uniforms like tuxedo and they don’t have appealing attitude towards the customers unlike in the other famous restaurants. Every customer expects an extravagant uniform from the staffs of a restaurant but De Rose failed to meet that expectation. Aside from that, their walls are painted in light colors which signify that it is open for public and that; every one could afford to dine there. Also, it has a signage: “Sizzling Bahay Kainan”. It implies that it is a native business and that their foods are produced in a native way that really fit for Filipino, as also evidenced by its signage that is surrounded by woods. There are signs and symbols also that represent modernization because half of their counter area is made of cement than woods and the menus above are made of modernized materials and are emphasized by its bright lights. Now, they are not only serving native foods but also deserts like burger, pizza, spaghetti and other decent appetizers. In that way, it says that their business is highly upgraded, meaning, they leveled-up in a higher stage of doing their business because of the advancement of technology. As such we can say that their concept is a mixture of a modern and a native style. They also have tarpaulins displayed in the windows as their advertisement of their products. The pictures are encouraging the customers and prospective to try their foods. As the pictures imply, their foods are really delicious and worth it. The more tarpaulins displayed, the more the customers have an option to choose what food they like. We also noticed that their chairs and tables have different shapes and colors. There are rectangular, square and circular in form. The colors are also different. It may be symbolize the different personalities, characteristics, preference and status of the persons who may likewise sit and eat there. It really fits to all the customers.

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