Significant Turning Point in My Educational Experience

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When most students enter high school, they probably encounter a nurturing learning environment filled with their peers. The last thing they expect is to enter a classroom and have the teacher slam the door loudly as his introduction to the class, and immediately point at one of them at random and ask a question about global wars. Of course, I was that lucky student. I remember frantically looking around the classroom, hoping one of my fellow classmates might know the answer. Unsurprisingly, they all looked out the window or down at their desk, avoiding eye contact with me. As you can see, Coach Babb was quite the eccentric Honors World History teacher. Little did I know that with his unconventional teaching style came incredible success. Fortunately for me, the rest of his class wasn't as embarrassing as that first day. Despite this, he still loved torturing his students, or so I thought. There were quizzes at least once a week and test every time we completed each competency goal, which was about every two weeks. Before his test, we would always have review days. These usually consisted of fun and creative games he came up with to help us retain the information, which was very unusual for me as a student, because teachers never played games with us, not even educational ones. One thing I appreciated was how Coach Babb never judged me as student. It didn't matter how well or bad I scored on a quiz or test, I was still as important to him as everyone else. The only thing that mattered to him was that his students would learn something before they finished his course. Coach Babb was the teacher that made me look at education in a different perspective. He taught me that hard work does not have to be boring. If one tries to succeed, eventually they actually will. Looking back, I would give anything to be in his class all over again!
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