Significant Place

Topics: New York City, Coney Island, New York Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: September 16, 2010
September 3rd, 2010
Significant Place: Brooklyn, New York
Many people have a place that is very significant to them. In my opinion, having a significant place is a very good thing because that means that significant place has a meaning. Brooklyn, New York, is the original hometown of the majority of my family and they have a very significant background history there.

Brooklyn, New York is a very capacious city. My favorite thing to do there is shop. When I go shopping, I often enjoy seeing the enormous crowds in the downtown area which lets me know I am in New York. I try to ignore the rambunctious sounds coming from the cars, buses, people and trains because Brooklyn is a very large city which means there’s going to be a lot of noise coming from everywhere. When I go downtown, a very distinct aroma often hits me which I think only I can smell. I just love the fresh scent of downtown; the scent is as fresh as the smell of roses; very obsessive. Also, when I am downtown, I frequently visit a deli called Lawry’s to get me a hero which is something like a sandwich but only better. The taste of it is very addictive which leaves me wanting more and more. I just love Brooklyn and I doubt anywhere else can replace it.

So many people live in New York. The enormous crowds are so indescribable. I like to go out at night and see the lights which are so bright enough to light up the streets of Brooklyn. You would never have to worry about getting around in New York because there are many types of transportation. You can take the large city metro bus, the train which is quite a bumpy ride and also the yellow taxi cab. In Brooklyn, I always used to go to Coney Island to go to an amusement park which is kind of like a carnival. I always used to have so much fun there. I loved to play games while I was there so I could win me a nice big fluffy teddy bear. I collected so many teddy bears and barely had room for anymore. The rides were also fun but my favorite ride I used...
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