Significant Legislation

Topics: No Child Left Behind Act, Standardized test, Teacher Pages: 3 (790 words) Published: October 1, 2013

Significant Legislation
Karen Gray
September 25, 2013
Carrie O'Donnell

Significant Legislation
Diversity in the classroom has always been a concern in America’s classroom. The No Child Left Behind Act of (2001) is mandated across the country requiring schools to meet the needs of learners. The law mandates schools to annually assess children using standardized test that aligned with the states common core standards. The federal mandate holds schools accountable for student’s progress of meeting specific benchmarks. Schools must provide parents and state with an Adequate Yearly Progress reports to show if school meet its targets. Although federal funding help supports schools efforts of meeting the needs of all learners, states with a higher population of immigrant students where preforming low on standardized tests. California, Arizona, and Massachusetts are three states with voter-driven initiatives laws reconstructing classrooms because of the effect of the NCLB mandates. In California, English language learners were having difficulties passing standardized that are mandate by legislation. No Child Left Behind mandates left teachers frustrated and confused because of the increasingly low test scores achievement by EL students. Ron Unz presented Californian’s with the idea that English language leaner maters the subject when taught English-only entitled, “English for the children.” He argued that in cooperating bilingual techniques does not provide ELL with adequate instruction for academic achievement. In 1998, citizens of California voted in favor of English absorption by English-only Instruction. Some schools in California still have bilingual programs through state waivers although many schools favor English-only Instruction. After California implemented SEI, Ron Unz introduced the initiative to Arizona. Although is Arizona’s initiative to teacher English-only is similar California’s, Arizona waiver to have bilingual programs...

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