Significant Events in the History of Monotheistic Religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity

Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: November 1, 2014
Your task is to create a timeline illustrating the significant events in the history of the three major monotheistic religions Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Your time-line will need to span 4000 years. It will begin in 2000 BCE and end in 2000 CE. You will need to use two pieces of paper to clearly show the significant events. Begin by dividing your timeline into eras. Prehistoric Times 8000-3000 BCE not on your timeline but there were 90 million people by 4000 BCE and writing started in 3000 BCE Ancient Times Egyptians, Romans and Greeks put their Empires on your time-line Middle Ages 476 CE Fall of Rome Middle Ages 400-1500 Modern Times 1500 CE Present Day Think Why do Empires rise and fall Who came up with those names and why Add the important dates for each religion. Judaism Abraham leads Hebrews to Canaan 1800BCE Hebrews (under Moses) escape enslavement in Egypt 1200 BCE Moses receives 10 commandments Torah written around 500 BCE Fall of the temple in Jerusalem 70 CE Christianity Jesus Crucified 30 AD Romans ban Christianity 64AD Christianity becomes official religion of Roman Empire 392CE 4 gospels and a few of Pauls letters become New Testament 390s CE Archbishop of Rome became Pope 600CE Reformation (Luther) 1517 CE Islam Muhammad Born 570 CE Muhammad dies 632 CE Quran revealed to Muhammad in vision 610 CE Golden Age of Islam 750-850 CE under Abbasids Think again Why did both Islam and Christianity get involved with government What was the result of this During the Dark Ages/Middle Ages the Islamic Empires were forging ahead. How Other events to put on your time-line. Crusades First and Second World War 9/11 Creation of Israel Over to you Now place 10 other significant events on your time-line. They should relate to one of the three religions. Select 10 items on your time-line and explain the significance of...
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