Significance of World War 2

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significance of world war 2:
World War II is important for many reasons. First, it stopped the spread of dictatorships ruling both in Asia and Europe. Had Hitler and Japan been victorious, North and South America would be surrounded by enemies to the democratic institutions represented in those areas. The United States would be surrounded by hostile forces bent upon complete world domination. Second, the war ushered in the Atomic Age. The dropping of the Atomic bombs not only signaled an escalation of war weaponry, but it also ushered in an era that could be beneficial to mankind, via the peaceful uses of atomic and nuclear know how. Thirdly, the end of World War II saw the beginning of the Cold War and the conflict between the east (Soviet Union) and the west (United States) and the allies of each. The war also saw how nations could effectively help one another as example in the Marshall Plan, begun during the Truman administration. And, the United States saw the need for an effective world organization to help prevent future wars and try to solve disputes between nations. The creation of the United Nations was an attempt to solve problems that President Wilson had hoped would be accomplished by the League of Nations. well, it offered women's rights more, and more women worked from then at least, in the USA. also, the war pulled the allies more closer together, like us and the Britain because they were in real danger when we halped them. but not soviet union (cold war). hope u like my answer!!!! :)

also, it helped the great deprssion to the end, and boosted the economy from the great depression, exept when they went into the national debt.
A lot more than just this stuff. It was the most important turning point for all mankind. German power was a major fear among Allied powers even after World War I. The Germans only signed an armistice after World War I, and were allowed to still exist. This time, they were humiliated and were occupied by

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