Significance of the Jurassic Park Movie

Topics: Science, Scientific method, Ethics Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: June 24, 2012
The film, Jurassic Park, did a decent job of bringing the idea of cloning dinosaurs into popular culture but it also contained a cautionary message: when placed in the wrong hands, unchecked scientific experimentation can wreak havoc. In the present world of evolving science, the moral and ethical factors are being weighed more heavily in one’s quest for scientific discovery. This science fiction film displays these factors and the ramifications of one’s actions. I also believe the movie was intended to warn the general public of the inherent dangers of both science and technology and scientists are most likely refrain from asking ethical questions concerning their work in the interest of the pursuit of science. The film raises ethical issues involving the cloning and raising of dinosaurs through the use of modern scientific technology. John Hammond (the founder of Jurassic Park) was able to retrieve prehistoric DNA from fossilized mosquitoes which then is used to start breeding dinosaurs. Although the technology is still an impossibility, even at today’s standards, the role of technology is the foundation and backbone of the film and it paints a picture of our current scientific realities. One of the ethical and moral dilemmas, raised by technology in the film, was the issue of ambition of human discovery versus the laws of nature and its natural selection. The question that needed to be answered was “although DNA cloning is viable, is it acceptable?” These issues are represented by the characters, John Hammond and Dr. Malcolm. John Hammond is seen as one who pushes the boundaries of science to its limits and shows lack of respect for nature and as a result, he was mostly preoccupied with whether or not he could, instead of if he should tinker with nature. The character, Dr. Malcolm on the other hand is a chaotician and believes that nature is complex and unstable and stepping beyond scientific boundaries would only result in chaos. Chaos theory simply...
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