Significance of the Constitution as to the Political Awareness of Freshmen College Students of Feu Fern Diliman - Chapter 1

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The Constitution primarily exists as the written instrument enacted for the establishment of the fundamental powers of the government which are disseminated to its subdivisions for more effective and efficient use to serve the common good of all people within the State. Since it is recognized as the fundamental law of the land, every person within the State it governs shall bow down to it. (Constitutional Law 2000 Edition, Retired Justice Cruz) All must defer to its mandate especially the youth as the hope of the mother land.

The study is being proposed to assess the effectiveness and significance of the Constitution as to the awareness and active participation of the youth primarily the freshmen college students of FEU Fern Diliman on nation building, promotion of nationalism and patriotism and the protection of their rights and culture as what the Constitution is trying to maintain for so many years.

Background of the Study.

To keep you on track, politics has been identified too negatively these past decades. All governmental projects, intriguing issues regarding graft and corruption and doubtful actions of the public officials were closely monitored and regarded as deceitful and abusive which in fact, if you get an in – depth study about it, you’ll see that it does not only pertains to the bad side but it has always been accompanied by its good side like for example, in the analysis of corruption (the “bad”) may contribute to an understanding of how to efficiently use the resources of the government (something “good”). (Yu – Jose, 1999)

In the full understanding of the context of the politics, law is inevitably being attached to the term. Law, the core tool of politics, has been the obligatory rule and mandate which regulates the peace, order, growth and development of the State and which grants the rights and privileges an individual can enjoy and those punishments which delinquents may suffer. For the purpose of enforcing laws and keeping the unity and harmony of the citizens of the land, the Constitution was created as the supreme law of the land to which all Filipinos should comply with.

Now, youth has been one essential part of the Filipino citizenry. The society presumes that it’s upto them to take part in the nation building, exercise their rights and assume a great responsibility for a big change that every Filipino hopes to be achieved. Ignorance of their role in the society will never excuse them for they will be replacing the place of the elders as they make their own choices that will affect the generations to come.

Statement of the Problem.
What is the significance of the Constitution as to the political awareness of the freshmen college students of FEU Fern Diliman?

Sub – problems
1. What political issues greatly interest the freshmen college students? 2. What is the political culture of the freshmen college students? 3. How knowledgeable freshmen college students are of the Constitution 4. What role does the Constitution plays in molding the political and social character of the freshmen college students?

Objectives of the Study

General Objective This research undertaking aims to persuade the freshmen college students of FEU Fern Diliman to actively take part on national and small scale policy – making, to become the best that they can be on whatever endeavors they need to undertake, to become a well rounded Filipino youth and to render sincere service to the underprivileged and marginalized of the country as a sign of nationalism that which is the essence of participation in nation – building.

Specific Objectives
1. To identify the political issues greatly interest the freshmen college students 2. To determine the political culture of freshmen college students 3. To determine the level of knowledge of freshmen college students of the Constitution 4. To find out the role which the Constitution plays in...
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