Significance of the 1920's

Topics: Women's suffrage, 1920s, Elizabeth Cady Stanton Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: August 16, 2011
The 1920's was a significant decade in American history. Some acknowledge the twenties as The Roaring Twenties and as a major period in the Progressive Era. Through that time many advancements have left a long lasting affect on American society. Some of these advancements include new innovative technologies and a major step up in womens social status.

The automobile was one of the most innovative technologies of the era. First being manufactured in the late 1800's the automobile did not reach a high popularity until the twenties. The car has offered so much in America. The main thing the car did was provide a new mean of transportation. Before a persons way of getting around was by walking, wagon, or the rail roads. The car gave people the ability to travel further and go to anywhere they wanted to in there own personal vehicle. That was not the only thing the car offered. It was not a thing for people to spend money but for people to gain money from it. The popularity of the car rising led to an increase for demand , opening many new jobs for many people who were in need of work. Henry Ford became a big entrepreneur and founded the assembly line. He found a way to produce mass products as well as a way to open many new jobs that paid pretty well. Cars just did not just open factory jobs but jobs for transportation, mechanics, gas stations, and many more. The car has changed the way people live as a way for people to go around and explore new things and places.

The twenties had a major impact on women’s social status. Through time women have been oppressed by man and looked at to be inferior to them. That all changed with the start of the Seneca Falls Convention in the mid 1800. Elizabeth Cady Stanton wanted women to begin to take a stand for themselves and to fight for equality among the men. This sparked many future protest for womens rights. Their main goal was for womens suffrage giving them the power to be able to vote. With a strong will...
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