Significance of Objects in the Doll's House

Topics: A Doll's House, Norway, Henrik Ibsen Pages: 4 (1802 words) Published: January 9, 2011

Hush…… I can hear voices…
Macaroons: nora ! Nora! Please don’t leave me and go… why did she leave me half eaten? what is going to happen of me now!! Torvald detests me, he was always against Nora eating me………why did it have to be me? Dress: everybody adored and praised Nora when she wore me… but alas! What was the use of all my beauty and finery when in the end she left me all alone. Why was I given so much importance if she was to choose her ordinary clothes over me at the end? Letter: exactly! Were we just ornaments to adorn the surroundings? Christmas tree: hmm… now even im wondering if my purpose in the house was of mere decoration. Even in this festive season will I be left alone in this bedraggled state to wither away in few days? Lamp: yes! Yes! Were we just used to enhance the beauty of this household? I thought I heard some voices but I didn’t know it would be all of you. If you all are thinking that you’ll have no role in the play let me tell you my views on why you objects of the doll’s house were of prime importance in giving a deeper meaning behind the actions of the characters. I am going to do this presentation based on the Henrik Ibsen’s The Doll’s House. As per the lines of the story, the playwright has emphasized greatly on the many objects that surround the characters in the play. I am going to elaborate on the symbolism of the significance of the objects mentioned in the play. The objects denote various emotions but mostly, Ibsen uses objects to indicate Nora's depression caused by her unmerited marriage; ironically, the objectification of Nora by her husband and her victimization in society. the writer allows the readers the freedom to interpret the household objects subjectively which challenges the reader to question the extent to which the household objects relate to the theme of marriage. Initially, Ibsen places immense significance on different objects in the household,...
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