Significance of John Brown and Harpers Ferry

Topics: First Battle of Bull Run, Confederate States of America, American Civil War Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: February 27, 2013
First Battle of Bull Run (428)

Since the Battle of Fort Sumpter, three months later, the first major battle during the civil war began on July 21, 1861 which was called The First Battle of Bull Run in Manassas. During this major battle, General Irvin McDowell commanded the large Union army while General Pierre G.T. Beauregard commanded the Confederate army. The Union perceived that they would make a quick and swift victory with very little loss, but it was the opposite. At the time both sides had inexperienced soldiers. When this war was happening the hundred of Manassas citizens left their homes to watch the battle unfold. Cannons and muskets would be fired all over and some misfires would end up at the civilians homes. At the start the Union was able a push the Confederates back to Henry Hill, but they would have their comeback. Beauregard make a strong defensive line controlled by General Thomas J. Jackson. Jackson held his ground successfully and gained the name Stonewall Jackson. The Confederates were able to capture Union artillery and chose to counterattack the Union soldiers. But it quickly lashed back at them when Union forces on the hill came down and broke the Confederates line of defense, forcing his complete retreat of the Bull Run. Thus this was a victory for the Union. The result of the battle left body's riddled in the battlefield. Thousands of wasted soldiers died in that battle and was the largest and bloodiest battle during the Civil War. Other than scaring the scaring the citizens who were watching the entire battle the government was also shocked at the outcomes of this battle. Both sides came to the belief that this Civil War was going to become longer and more deadly as it goes on.

From looking back at the battle one can see that it was not going to end quickly or any time soon. It became clear that it would last longer than people thought and that there was going to be more struggle. It also brought to people a clear image of what...
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