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signature assignment

By jphigh Feb 17, 2014 647 Words
Signature Assignment

Comm 1000-001

“The sibling bond has the distinction of being the most enduring and egalitarian connection of all family relationships. Unfortunately, although siblings play an important role in one another’s lives, relatively little is known about the communication that characterizes sibling relationships. This study investigated whether the interpersonal communication motives of siblings vary as a function of age or gender. Survey data was provided by 299 respondents aged 18 to 34, 35 to 49, 50 to 64, and 65þ . There were significant differences by both age and gender for several of the communication motives.” (51)

Fowler, C. (2009). Motives for sibling communication across the lifespan. Communication Quarterly, 57(1). 51-66.

“Family stories work to construct family identity. Little research, however, has examined storytelling in families. This study examined storytelling content and process to assess the extent to which families jointly integrated or fragmented a shared sense of identity and how these discursive practices relate to family qualities. Results of a study involving 58 family triads indicate relationships between story theme (e.g., accomplishment vs. stress), person referencing practices (e.g., we-ness vs. separateness), and interactional storytelling behaviors (e.g., engagement, turn-taking). Moreover, story framing, perspective-taking, statements about selves-in-the-family, and identifying as a ‘‘storytelling family’’ emerged consistently as positive predictors of family satisfaction and functioning. The results offer a portrait of how families communicate identity and functioning in joint storytelling interactions and further position storytelling as a communication phenomenon worthy of consideration.” (365)

Kellas, J. K. (2005). Family ties: Communicating identity through jointly told family stories. [Article]. Communication Monographs, 72(4), 365-389

Key Findings
In Motives for Sibling Communication Across a Lifespan, studies the communication between siblings when they are young; still under their parents guidance than to when they are young adults, to middle age with there own families and last the communication in old age. This study finds there are different reasons for communicating with siblings for example, for comfort, for support, to stop loneliness. The researchers talk about how Siblings have one of the strongest bonds out of any human relationship. They claim in this study often siblings will become closer through life changing events such as death, or divorce events that the whole family goes through. The major finding in this study was healthy and often communication with siblings added to the over all happiness of a persons life. I really relate to these findings. I grew up in a family with 6 kids, I was number 5. I have 4 older brothers and 1 younger sister, growing up we were very close. When I was in high school my parents got divorced this event brought my siblings and I closer. Today we still are close; I consider my brothers and my sister my best friends. We have a blast when we’re together. In the study Family ties: Communicating identity through jointly told family stories, the researchers wanted to know if people had a more clear self identity from jointly told family stories. They research the different topics families’ talk about when they are together such as: Tradition/culture, Fun, Child mischief, Accomplishment, Togetherness, Stress, and Separateness and then they see if there is a difference in how they topics are discussed. They found that when families’ are all sharing stories or input more family members share in the enjoyment of the discussion and it is more uplifting for the group. When everyone feels included in the discussion it helps the feeling of closeness and connection. I really likes this study because when all of us siblings get together we usually do reminisce about old times, it is really enjoyable and I feel a sense of identity strengthen of who I am and where I came from. These studies are both similar because they talk about the things that bind us together as family members through communication. This is one of the best things about being in a family unit, we can communicate openly and find strength in one another.

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