Sign Language for Healthy Hearing Infants

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Sign Language for Healthy Hearing Infants
For many years, people have thought that sign language can only be used as a way of communicating with the hearing impaired. Well, not any more. Recently, sign language has been proven to be very effective as a way of communication with infants who have not yet developed speaking skills. In recent years, many parents and caregivers have turned to sign language for their children. They have decided that teaching their children sign language at an early age is very beneficial. Of course, there are still those who are hesitant, those who need to be reassured that sign language will be good for their child. These caregivers should be aware of the positive effects that come from teaching an infant how to sign. Every parent or caregiver that is considering baby sign language will most probably want to know a few things, such as, how to know when your child is ready to be taught sign language, how to go about teaching your child the language, and of course what are the exact benefits sign language for healthy hearing infants holds to both the parents and to the children. When and How to use Baby Sign Language

Whenever parents begin considering baby sign language as a way of communication between them and their infant, many commonly want to know whether or not their child is ready. Is the infant ready to be taught something like this? When will the child be able to use sign language appropriately or in the right context? What age will the child’s brain be capable of communication through sign language? Kids as young as six months can learn to communicate before they can speak (Adams, 2005). Wait to begin teaching your baby sign language until you are able to keep an infant’s attention (Williams, “Babies and Sign Language,” N.d.). This is suggesting that it may be easier to teach a child sign language when they are seen as able to focus on something, even if for a short while. However, what parents must remember is that every...

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