Topics: Ophthalmology, Blindness, Eye Pages: 4 (1131 words) Published: September 25, 2013
Pilipinas Observes Sight Saving Month
Alagaan ang Mata mula Bata Hanggang Pagtanda
By Argeline Quiason and Rey Emmanuel Quiason

All over the world, about 285 million are visually impaired with 39 million totally blind and the reset with poor vision, according to the WHO. In the Philippines, no exact figure is available but a survey in 1995 showed that more that 1.2 million Filipinos are either totally or partially blind in one or both eyes.

Visual Impairment is not, however, limited to blindness but also covers defects cause vy diseases and accidents. For this reason, President Ramon Magsaysay in 1954 issued Presidential Proclamation No. 40 declaring the first week of August as Sight Conservation Week which has been expanded to the whole month as Sight-Saving Month.

The importance of sight-saving has serious health and economic repercussions. Sight problems not only robs people of the ability to appreciate the beauty of creation: it also robs them of their right to live normal and productive lives.

This, Sight Saving Month, according to Department of Health aims to strengthen public awareness on the importance of proper eye care and the prevention of blindness and other afflicted eyes diseases. This year’s theme “Eye Care For You” focuses on the significance of having eyesight and reminds all Filipinos to take care of their eyes. The DOH and its called partners in eye case have scheduled nationwide eye checkups and preventive care against blindness aside form other activities such as forums about blindness and distribution of eye glasses from concerned organizations. Saving Sight: Tips from the experts

Like the rest of the human body, the eyes need looking after. Maintaining one’s eyesight is often overlooked, until sight is suddenly impaired or lost either through disease or through accidents.

The usual thinking is that as one gets older, the eyesight gets weaker. But there are senior citizens who are able to maintain perfect vision and this is...
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