Siftings by Jens Jensen

Topics: Landscape, Natural landscape, Cultural landscape Pages: 1 (378 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Book and Movie Presentation

The book Siftings by Jens Jensen and the movie Jean de Florette have some similar main points. One cannot put something in a landscape that does not belong and one should not tamper with the natural landscape. The book Siftings tells us these things and what not to do with the landscape and the movie Jean de Florette shows the reader mistakes made by the main characters.

While reading Siftings the author tells the reader that we cannot put something in the landscape that does not belong. For example, if there is a type of tree that likes to grow alone, one cannot put it with a group of trees; it will suffocate. If the other type of tree, one that likes to grow in a group, is planted alone it will not survive. In the movie Jean de Florette one of the characters makes this vital mistake. Jean ends up planting a garden in a place where it will not get any water and tries to raise rabbits in a contained area. We all know that a garden needs water and if it does not get it, it will die. That is what it did. Rabbits need a lot of space and a lot of water, and Jean did not have much of either. When the drought came through, almost all of his rabbits died.

In Siftings the author tells the reader that we should not tamper with the natural landscape. For example, if there is a big piece of land, it needs to be utilized. One should not bulldoze the trees down and make a parking lot out of it. One would need to preserve as much of the natural landscape as possible. In Jean de Florette two of the characters tamper the natural landscape for their own benefits. They plug up the natural springs that produce a majority of the water to the gardens and rabbit farms on Jean’s land.

In conclusion, the book Siftings and the movie Jean de Florette are similar, for one sets a standard and the other demonstrates the evolution of a misuse. Both book and movie are about man’s responsibility and irresponsibility to and for the earth...
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