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Topics: Sierra Leone, British Empire, Slavery Pages: 3 (905 words) Published: May 30, 2014
Effect of Imperialism in Sierra Leone
In 1787, British humanitarian founded the "Province of Freedom" which later became Freetown, a British crown colony in 1808 and the principal base for the suppression of the slave trade. Throughout the 19th century, the colony steadily grew through various treaties of friendship from the local chiefs. After the British abolished their slave trade the new colony was used as cornerstone from which the abolishment could be enforced (Gascoigne, Bamber). By 1855, over 50,000 freed slaves has been settled in Freetown the capital of Sierra Leone (Hopkins, Mark). However because of some mistakes by the British imperialists Sierra Leone had multiple rebellions and military coups also a horrible civil war in 1991 that lasted for ten years. That is why the British imperialism in Sierra Leone had an overall negative effect on Sierra Leone.

In 1924, Sierra Leone was divided into a Colony and a Protectorate, with separate and different political systems constitutionally defined for each. Antagonism between the two entities escalated to a heated debate in 1947, when proposals were introduced to provide for a single political system for both the Colony and the Protectorate. The separation between the political sides caused the government to fail again and again. The British by allowing and setting this up, set up the people of Sierra Leone for failure. After the country gained its independence its government remained corrupt and broken (Se Young, Jang). The government of Sierra Leone, overwhelmed Gay 2

by a crumbling economy and corruption, was unable to put up significant resistance against the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) who were invading from Liberia in the east. Within a month of entering Sierra Leone, the RUF under the command of former Sierra Leonean army corporal Foday Saybana Sankoh controlled much of Eastern Sierra Leone, including the diamond mining area in Kono District. Sankoh, an ethnic Temne from Tonkolili District...

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