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Siemens Focuses on Global Diversity
Case analysis essay on chapter 4
This paper focuses on the global diversity and workforce on Siemens industry, which is one of most evergreen Germany industry over century. This paper also solve and analysis the questions on challenge case of Siemens so as to have a deeper understanding on the diversity initiative information of it.

Case background
Siemens is a German multinational engineering and electronics conglomerate company headquartered in Munich, Germany. It is the largest Europe-based electronics and electrical engineering company. It has approximately 360,000 employees and across nearly 190 countries. (Wikipedia, 2010) The most popular product of Siemens is the cellphones, fridges and engines. Recent years, Siemens also focuses on the energy of wind power. When talking about the found of Siemens, it is an ancient company. It was founded by Verner von Siemens on October 12, 1847, and the original name of Siemens is Siemens and Halske. The logo of Siemens also changed six times. Siemens offers a wide range of electrical engineering- and electronics-related products and services. Its products can be broadly divided into the following categories: buildings-related products; drives, automation and industrial plant-related products; energy-related products; lighting; medical products; and transportation and logistics-related products. The principle activities of Siemens are industry, energy, transportation and healthcare. As a predecessor in technology area, Siemens focuses on the global diversity throughout its own effective ways. Because of diversity skill is an extremely important skill in an innovative company.

Definition of diversity skills
Diversity skill is an ability to establish and maintain an organizational workforce that represents a combination of assorted human characteristics appropriate for achieving organizational success. (Scherzer, C, 2010) Diversity leadership, diversity...
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