Sidney Crosby

Topics: Ice hockey, National Hockey League, Pittsburgh Penguins Pages: 1 (303 words) Published: March 9, 2015
Sidney Patrick Crosby was born August 7th 1987 in Coal Harbor Nova Scotia. Sidney plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins In the National Hockey league. He currently is the captain for the pens. Also he was the captain for the men’s Canadian national Olympic hockey team. Ever since Sid was born he exceled in hockey. He could skate before he could walk. Sidney’s parent’s names are Trina Crosby and Troy Crosby. The Montreal Canadians drafted Troy Crosby but he never really played.

By the age of ten Sidney was already being compared to Wayne Gretzky who is the greatest hockey player to ever play the sport. Sidney had his share of off ice attention. For example after putting up 275 points in one season parents made a petition to make kick Sidney out of the league. To solve this problem Sidney got put into a league where the guys were 2-3 years older than him. That season Sid put up 200 points. It was clear that Sidney would be a first round pick in the NHL. Later on Sidney joined the QJHL (Quebec Junior Hockey League) with the Rimouski Océanic. With his two seasons with them he put up over 150 points. It was clear that Sidney was ready for the NHL so he declared for the NHL draft. Everyone knew that Sid was going to be first overall pick but no one knew what team that would be lucky to have him. Then the day came the Pittsburg Penguins won the lottery draft and were granted the first overall pick. Sidney was drafted to the pens on July 30th 2005. The second Crosby was drafted he was an instant star. Everyone knew who Crosby was. Before he even made his debut he was already being compared to Gretzky for his outstanding skill.
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