Side Kicks

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18 January 2012

Have you ever lost someone so great or a hero you looked up to? I believe that this is what Ronald Koertge was seeing or experiencing when he wrote his poem, “Side Kicks.” Ronald has spent a lot of time both teaching and being taught. He received his BA from the University of Illinois and an MA from the University of Arizona. Robert has also taught at Pasadena City College (Website 1). Most of Ronald’s writing is about teens and young adults. “Side Kicks” is a poem about losing a hero or someone important.

The poem, “Side Kicks” has many different meanings. When you read the poem the surface meaning gives an explanation of what a side kick is and does. It goes over the basics of a side kick. If you were to look at the deeper at the meaning of the poem, you would find something more. The poem talks about how a side kick isn’t given the gift of good looks. It also talks about sidekicks being brave and putting others before themselves. At certain times the sidekicks put themselves in front of bullets for others. They remind us of a part of ourselves that depend on others (our hero’s). The theme for this poem is loyalty and being humble. In the poem, it talks about the side kick being loyal to the hero, not ever wanting a hero to die, and being humble around everyone. I was almost is tears when I came to the realization of the deeper meaning of the poem. The tone for this poem is kind of sad and yet touching at...

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