Siddhartha Reading Questions

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The Brahmin’s Son
1. Briefly describe Siddhartha.
Siddhartha is a good-looking, well-loved young man who has grown into the religious group of India,. He is full of knowledge, able to master the art of meditation.
2. For what two things does Govinda, his best friend, admire him?
Govinda admires his eyes and sweet voice as well as his grace movements and thoughts. Govinda truly admires his friend, hoping to follow in Siddhartha’s footsteps.
3. What does he fear if he stays at home and continues in his father’s religion?
He hears that he will not find happiness within himself nor find spiritual peace. He believes that not even the love of his parents and best-friend Govinda is enough to suffice him.
4. Why does he fear that he will not find it in prescribed religious teachings?
He fears that the prescribed religious teachings have already offered him enough, knowledge itself. His religion only teaches of wisdom and meditation but not of self-happiness.
5. How does his father show both patience and wisdom in dealing with his son?
At first, Siddhartha’s father shows dissatisfaction and displeasure with his son’s desire to become a Samana. Despite his objection, Siddhartha waits in his room for his father’s approval. His father, although disagreeing, allows his son to leave. His patience and wisdom is tested by his son but even the father understands that his son is a grown man, capable of making wise decisions.
With the Samanas
1. Describe the Samanas that Govinda and Siddhartha meet close to the end of Chapter 1.
The Samanas are warriors who practice self-denial, the loss of need and desire, in order to live a perfect life. They teach Siddhartha about their exercises to extinguish thyself and give birth a new self, one who is connected to everything, nature and animals.
2. List at least five things Siddhartha learns to do while he is with the Samanas.
Siddhartha learns to slow down his breathing, so that in turn, his heart beat can become slower. He

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