Siddhartha and The Alchemist comparison essay
Topics: Meaning of life, Protagonist, The Sopranos, Family, Hermann Hesse, Son / Pages: 6 (1476 words) / Published: Dec 17th, 2013


Every individual’s life is a journey. There are different stages in life that one goes through and by experiencing these different stages of life one becomes wiser. In the novel, Siddhartha and The Alchemist the protagonist Siddhartha and Santiago both go through man different stages in life which made them grow, learn and transform into wiser people. Both protagonists go on a journey which is eventually the same but the purpose of journey is different. Similarly, both protagonist struggles through their journey to become a wiser people. However, the end result for both protagonists was the same which is discovering themselves. Both the father discourages them for leaving their house and going on their journey. Siddhartha the protagonist in Siddhartha is the son of the respected and wealthiest Brahmin. However he is not happy even though he has everything he could ever ask for. Siddhartha realized that he made everyone else happy but that he himself wasn’t. He also got the feeling that he had already learned the best of what his teachers had to teach but it still wasn’t enough. He still wasn’t satisfied. “Tomorrow morning, my friend Siddhartha is going to join the Samanas. He is going to become Samana” (Hesse, 9). . Samanas are monks who go around begging for food and they are known for their spirituality. Siddhartha thinks of joining the Samanas as he wanted to become spiritually knowledgeable and get rid of the “self”, which is a sense of greed and jealousy. But before he could go join Samanas he has to go ask his father’s permission to let him go. When Siddhartha goes to see his father to ask for permission his father was unhappy with Siddhartha’s decision because he wanted Siddhartha to stay home, take care of the house as well as take over the Brahmins position. But however, Siddhartha was not willing to take no for an

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