Siddhartha’s Journey to find Enlightenment

Topics: Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha, Merchant Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: January 8, 2014
Finding ones enlightenment can be a hard task for some people. In the book, Siddhartha, he goes on a long journey to find himself. The book Siddhartha by Herman Hesse is about a young man who leaves home to find himself and along the way he meets lots of different people. In Siddhartha he was with samanas, then with Kamala and the merchant, and after being alone again he goes with the ferryman, trying to find the right path to enlightenment.

Towards the beginning of the book Siddhartha was a samana. He wanted to find enlightenment and he thought that he could find it with being a samana. He learned a lot with them, travelled, but he also lost himself. After a while of being with the samanas he realized that he was not happy with them, he feels like all that he has learned he could have learned other ways too. One important thing he learned from the samanas was how to hypnotize someone, which he did to the oldest Samana. This was the first step to Siddhartha trying to find enlightenment.

While on his journey to find enlightenment Siddhartha meets a beautiful girl named Kamala. After he meets her she decides to teach him everything she knows about making love. Siddhartha has some type of relationship with Kamala for a while. Siddhartha also becomes friends with Kamaswami who is a merchant. Siddhartha starts to work with Kamaswami and likes it at first, but once again he starts to loose himself. He began to change and became materialistic. This point in the story is when he is mostly like a regular person. “Then Siddhartha knew that the game was finished, that he could play no longer.” This quote from the book shows that Siddhartha realized he has changed and he wants to go back to his old ways, so he decides to leave Kamala and Kamaswami.

At this point in the book Siddhartha still has not found enlightenment. Along the river he meets a person from his past, the ferryman. After talking with the ferryman he decides to live with him and help him with the ferry...
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