Sick Role in Sociology

Topics: Gender role, Sociology, Socialization Pages: 3 (716 words) Published: September 27, 2011
Sick role in nursing care
-developed from functionalist perspective
Right: exemption from normal social roles; from responsibility for self-care Obligation: to want to get well speedily; to consult expert medical opinion; cooperate with medical experts and therapists throughout their illness - patients and health care professionals have different expectations of patients' hospital role. The current emphasis on encouraging patients to participate in their own care is in direct conflict with one of the obligations of their sick role, which is to unquestioningly comply with the opinions of health professionals. -The hospital sick role is therefore a form of dependence, with patients relying on health care professionals to meet their physical needs and make decisions on their behalf. This may benefit both patients and staff. Patients have time to rest and while staff know that most patients will comply with the treatments they are prescribed. -However, the current emphasis on encouraging patients to participate in decision-making/care plan/self-care/self-medication is in direct conflict with their sick-role obligation to comply unquestioningly with medical experts and therapists -if the patient does not comply:

~Try to make patients understand the benefits of participation /Evaluate what patients already understand about their condition, as well as their intellectual ability/Give patients simple written or verbal explanations/Avoid using medical jargon/ Understand that some may need more support than others/Understand that some may need more support than others when being encouraged to participate in their care.

What is sociological imagination? Why nurses study sociology? -Sociological imagination enable nurse to move beyond common sense explanation to the development of a more critical approach to nursing practice. To understand that personal trouble is not “a person’s problem,” but the society. E.g. teenage sex worker: not because they are “too poor,” but...
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