Sick Pay

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Understanding how to gain committed employee co-operation
A part of human resources planning is employee co-operation that help the employees to contribute with tasks within the workplace. Co-operation is gained by explaining the expectations that are expected from the employer and the employee. For example Tesco co-operate with employees their employees by different methods, one of them are meetings. Contracts of employee

This is agreement made between the employer and employee. The employer is willing to pay a salary but in return the employee has to perform his or her duties. Tesco will need this agreement with all of its employees. Contractual entitlements are summarized within the contract so that the employer and employee know what is expected. They include: * The amount of pay and when it is paid – this could be weekly, monthly or annually. * Holiday pay – this is offered to employees when they are off work and have gone on holiday. * Sick pay – this is given when the employee are not well. Instead the business pays sick pay for how the long the employees have not been in. * Hours of work – the employee needs to know how many hours to work so they know when to come and work. * The type of employment, e.g. temporary or fixed – the employee needs to know what types of contract they are doing. * Notice period – if the employee wishes to leave then they have to leave a notice in advance that they are going to leave. * Disciplinary rules – the business needs to give disciplinary rules to the employees so that they are aware of them. * Pension benefits.

Tesco will need these contractual entitlements to give to its employees. Tesco have to give the information of these entitlements to its employees because it one of the agreements that the business need to fulfil. The contract must also state the legal rights and should be written clearly. Examples of legal rights are: * To receive equal pay – each employee has to get the same amount of pay. * To not be subject to discrimination – the business can not discriminate the employee. * To not be unfairly dismissed – the business needs to give a reason why they don’t want the employee to work. This could be that the employee doesn’t have the right skills to work. * To receive an itemised pay statement – the employee must receive a pay statement. * To receive maternity or paternity pay – if the employee needs to leave due to maternity then the business will have to pay the employee. * To receive notice of termination of employment – if the employee needs terminating then the business must receive a notice. * To receive redundancy pay

* To receive statutory sick pay – the employee must receive sick pay for the days that the employee has not been attending. * To receive annual leave
* To be paid at least minimum wage.
It is also important that the business states about the health and safety at work. It is the employer’s duty to leave a notice if they need to leave for any reason and the employer must give the employees the disciplinary procedure in writing. Tesco will need to explain their employers about health and safety because this is another agreement that the business needs to fulfil. Types of employee contracts

Permanent – this is the most common type of contract that is fixed for long term. There give information about the pay and conditions of their work place. Temporary – this type of contract can help the business to manage cost more effectively. A temporary contract is fixed for the limited time that employee is willing to do. Casual – this is a type of contract when the business needs the employee to work when necessary. This gives flexibility to the employers if they join to work again but this can be hard for the employers because they would not know whether they will be offered the job again. Full time –this type of contract is when the employee has to work 35 hours or...
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