Siblings: Sibling and Younger Brothers

Topics: Sibling, English-language films, Thought Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Growing up with two younger brothers and two younger sisters is tough. We never agree on everything. It’s either two of us agrees on something, three agrees on something, four agrees on something or none at all. Not to mention, the ridiculous, foolish arguments about who gets to sit here, or who gets what, who did it better, who is smarter. And all of that is the idea of competition. Competition amongst siblings is always there no matter what your age is. Also, we sometimes hate each other for silly reasons physically and also verbally, but we make up in the end. My siblings have always been important to me, mainly because I’ve been through a lot with them. From the positive factors to the negative factors, the ups and downs, they were constantly there to support me and comfort me although they claim to find it “awkward”. I think it’s sweet and very thoughtful of them. I admit, my relationship between my siblings was awful, especially my relationship with my younger brother, Norman. It was the highlight of all the relationships between my siblings and I. We fought endlessly, mostly because he’s a boy. From my understanding, boys love to annoy people. Who are they going to annoy the most besides their own siblings? I would constantly whine to my parents whenever Norman annoys me. He would sit on me, he would call me names, block the televisions screen whenever I’m watching it. I hated him, tremendously. I hated him so much to a point where we could never get anything done together. Everything we could ever do with each other will automatically turn into a violent quarrel. Day by day, things got worse. It felt as if we were no longer siblings and I hated myself for feeling like it. Hence, one day, I thought to myself, “I need to fix this. We can’t have a bad relationship between us. We’re siblings”. Therefore, I asked my brother, Norman to sit and talk. It was an extremely awkward and uncomfortable conversation. I could sense it between us. It was somewhat funny...
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