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By reneesusan Feb 21, 2014 597 Words
Many children who do not have siblings want to have a little brother or sister. They think that everything will be fine but having siblings has also bad points. Having siblings is not only fun, it is also a great responsibility.

First of all, if you have brothers or sisters you can spend your free time together and enjoy yourself. You can fool around, dance, sing, laugh and play with one another.

Secondly, if you need some help you can always count on your older siblings because they are wiser. They can help you with maths, biology or any other subjects.

Another thing is that you have someone with whom you can talk to. If you have some problems, difficulties, worries or cares or you simply want to tell how your day was, your siblings will certainly listen to you.

And now some disadvantages. One of the main disadvantages of having siblings is that you have to look after them when parents are not at home. This is extremely tiring and exhausting.

Finally, one more disadvantage. Jealousy between siblings is very common. They want everything what belongs to you and it does not matter if they will use it or not.

All things have their own advantages and disadvantages. I think that still it is better to have siblings because one day problems between them may disappear. Having siblings may mean sacrificing your privacy as well as not being the sole recipient of your parents' money and attention. Of course, anyone with a brother or sister is in for his fair share of sibling rivalry. Disadvantages

Having a brother or sister, or multiples thereof, can present complications in your life. First of all, your privacy is at stake. If you have siblings, chances are that you will often need to share personal space with them. Rather than having your own room, or being able to have the back seat of the car all to yourself, you might have to share that space with them. They might be curious about your private life and read your emails, text messages or even personal diary. Having siblings also means getting in fights. Arguments over who gets to use the computer and disagreements about where to go on a bike ride fall under the category of sibling rivalry. Finally, if you have siblings, be ready to share your parents' resources. An only child might find that her parents have plenty of time and money to direct toward her personal interests, while a child with many siblings has to share her parents' resources with brothers and sisters.


However, having siblings also has its advantages. When you grow up with brothers and sisters, you are creating countless shared memories that make you close friends, especially as you enter adulthood. Those with siblings find themselves surrounded by a strong support network that understands where he is coming from and is happy to help him out when he finds himself in need. For a child, having a sibling may be the perfect antidote to loneliness. Instead of having to always play alone, he can enjoy the company of a brother or sister in his escapades.

Having siblings may mean sacrificing your privacy as well as not being the sole recipient of your parents' money and attention. Of course, anyone with a brother or sister is in for his fair share of sibling rivalry. But the disadvantages of having siblings are far outweighed by the advantages -- the friendships, the shared memories and the lifelong support that brothers and sisters can bring to your life.

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